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Located in Knoxville, TN 37919, La La Nails is the ideal spot to give you euphorically, dreamlike mental state moments detached from the harsh realities of life when your appearance got embellished.

Magnificent Place. Our salon with its deluxe interior decor will give you the luxurious feeling of a palatial villa and the feeling of a perfect 5-star beauty treatments experience.

Amazing Talent Staff. Your excellent taste will need high-level skill techniques to make it come true. So we’re here with all the most talented beauty artists and are proud to be able to satisfy you for whatever your style is.

Special Day’s Venue. Have a party for a Company, Wedding, Birthday, Ladies/Gals Night, or even Family together? Our giant space salon with 20+ spa chairs and nail stations is a perfect idea for your cozy party, with complimentary drinks of wine, soda, or coffee and tea.

Visit La La Nails 37919 at 7240 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919 today to enjoy the out-of-world beauty experience!


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A manicure is a beauty treatment of the hands. Your nails will be cut, filed, and shaped, finally polished with the color of your choice…


Pedicure is a beauty treatment for the feet. Your toenails will be cut, honed and shaped, and finally polished with the color of your choice…


We offer full face waxing services that will make you a smoother, sleeker you. Call today or book online for your waxing salon appointment …

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Customer Reviews

I love having my nails done in LaLa. The first time I came here I was very lucky to have David as my nail technician. Since then, I have chosen and I will always choose him to make my nails. He is the BEST, he is very patient, detail oriented and he knows how make your dip nails look thin and natural!!! 🙂
Both pictures are dip nails.
______  C. P. ______

I went in to have my dip powder taken off of my natural nails and to have a simple manicure. I am moving back to a job that requires typing in so I will miss my length and the pretty results of dip powder (which lasts forever), but glad to go back to short nails. I am very happy with the kindness of Maya who was my nail technician. She was gentle and sweet. Highly recommend!!
______  Maria Grace ______
I Love LALA nails i always go to max and will continue going to him! He is very good at what he does i always get a gel full set/fill in and gel on my toes he’s very professional and i 100% recommend him 😊

______  Levi Skye ______